Le diagnostic, préalable incontournable de tout travail de conservation restauration.

Condition Report: Examining And Diagnosing to understand the artwork and restoration-conservaton needs

Ella Tushinsky Restoration &Conservation provides condition reports on paintings and polychromies (painted objects). Whether damaged or sound (works namely to be shown or sold), condition reports are generally requested for purposes of restoration, insurance and assessment prior to purchasing a work of art.

condition reports PRIOR TO RESTORATION. Condition reports are an important part of conservation. The materials and techniques used as well as the state of deterioration are carefully analyzed and evaluated. The written report is documented with high-quality captioned images as well as a full description of the treatment proposed and its degree of urgency

condition reports PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation can evaluate the condition of a work prior to acquisition. Earlier interventions are described, where necessary. If the work is deteriorated, a restoration estimate is provided. We are often asked to assess the “quality” of a painting.

condition reports FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES (DAMAGED WORKS). This type of report, required for insurance purposes, describes the condition of works that have been damaged. The extent of damage is objectively analyzed and described. The report, which is carefully documented with photographs and comments, allows a restoration estimate to be established.

condition reports FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES (WORKS ON LOAN). This type of report allows insurers to verify the condition of an artwork before and after a loan between private individuals and/or institutions.