Détail d'une peinture en cours de restauration.

Services: preserving works of art through training, informing and consulting

Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation provides technical expertise to clients considering the acquisition of works of art. This technical expertise also allows us to give recommendations for displaying, shipping and storing your collection.

Informing Clients

The experience to help make informed decisions

Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation, the advice of an expert.

CONSULTANCY SERVICES PRIOR TO BUYING: We can evaluate the condition of artworks you may be considering acquiring and provide a preliminary report on all previous interventions. We can also provide cost estimates of any treatments deemed necessary. These services are handled in a discrete manner.

Helping you prepare

Showing, storage and shipping works of art

Preserving works of art is our business. Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation is available for consultation – from framing to hanging, by way of shipping.

HANGING. Our expertise can help guarantee the optimal and secure hanging of your works of art. We can recommend hanging systems that are perfectly adapted to the weight and size of an artwork. We can also advise on suitable environmental conditions for displaying your collection (dangers of light and heat, risks of mechanical damage).

ON SITE RISKS. Works are not always stored or shown in ideal conditions. Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation can help evaluate risks associated with display and storage. Our goal: to help avoid or minimize deterioration by recommending the best possible environmental conditions for your collection.

SHIPPING. Artworks should only be entrusted to shipping companies with a proven track record of safely transporting items in compliance with strict professional regulations. For example, to avoid damage related to thermal shock, a constant temperature must be maintained during shipment.

Training and educating clients

Passing on our professional know-how

At Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation, we share our professional know-how with interns and artists in order to promote artistic practices geared toward conservation.  

TRAINEES: internships. At Ella Tushinsky Restoration & Conservation, we do our utmost to welcome trainees, provided they demonstrate genuine motivation and are enrolled in an art conservation program.

ARTISTS: prevention is better than cure.  We offer painting technique workshops to artists interested in questions of preventive conservation. The workshops explore a wide range of artistic practices, focusing in particular on the best possible uses of paints to prevent deterioration. Questions of varnish suitability—choosing the right varnish for optimal protection and finish—and material stability are addressed, as of course are problems of instability. In order to raise awareness on foreseeable aging mechanisms, some of the most common techniques used by painters are also explored.