The Ella Tushinsky Studio conserves and restores all types of supports (wood, metal, paper, stone…). Certain artifacts (furniture, banners, etc.) require the technical intervention of specialists from other fields.

Vue de face en lumière rasante. Vue du revers en contrejour.

Interventions on structural supports (stretchers, frames, boards, etc.)

The structural support guarantees the stability, rigidity of the work’s primary support. It also holds flexible primary supports. The proper preservation of the artwork depends on it.

An inadequate or defective structural support (insect attack, mold, weak assembly, warping, etc.) ultimately damages the artwork.

The consolidation, alteration or replacement of the structural support may be necessary to allay such problems.

Interventions on cloth supports (linen, cotton, hemp, etc.)

  • Before-Traitement de déchirure
    After-Traitement de déchirure
    Before Traitement de déchirure After

The canvas is the primary, and inseparable, support of the paint layer, the condition of which greatly impacts the preservation of an artwork.

The restorer must consider such factors as mechanical strength, oxidation, rigidity, adherence to the structural support and overall condition (dirt, dust, mildew, etc.) when making treatment recommendations for canvas supports.

After a thorough examination, a treatment proposal is drawn up. Interventions may be local (to treat specific areas of damage) and/or “global” (major damage).

Types of interventions on canvas supports Local or global? A few examples.

LOCAL TREATMENT of canvas support

  • tear-mending /thread-by-thread joining, patching tears and perforations,
  • filling losses (inserts to fill in gaps in the canvas),
  • flattening / in plane restitution (correcting surface deformations, buckling, cupping, undulations, etc.),

GLOBAL TREATMENT of canvas support

  • disassembling of the canvas from original stretchers and re-stretching it on a temporary, working stretcher
  • strip lining
  • lining (strengthening)
  • lining adjustment
  • mold treatment

Global Restoration

Example of a global treatment on a 19th century painting, “Heavenly Jerusalem”